Team Talk: 15 Skills to Build Excellence and Wellbeing at Work.

A workshop with Susanne Burgstaller and Chris Iveson -
September 14-15, in lively London

New Book: Team Talk. Building Excellence with Solution Focused Skills

The way teammates talk to each other matters more now than ever before. Team members need to be able to speak from the heart and build trusting relationships on a peer-to-peer level, while at the same time producing excellent outcomes. Most organisations, public and private sectors alike, now operate in a context of constant and often unpredictable change with workplace stress increasingly becoming the norm.

In this two-day workshop you will learn more about 15 Solution Focused skills that will help you and your team members become a better communicator and collaborator. Whether you are a team member or leader, agile coach or scrum master, public, voluntary or private sector, they will make your life easier.

  • Positive relationships and real collaboration within teams and between teams and managers
  • A clear sense of direction for yourself and for the team
  • More readiness for the changes that inevitably lie ahead
  • Better and faster outcomes from the efforts you put into your days
  • Meetings and conversations that you welcome and enjoy
  • Readiness for the challenges, personal and professional, that come each day.

This will be an extremely practical workshop, focusing on well-tried and tested skills adaptable to every team and workplace. You will also receive a copy of Burgstaller and Iveson’s book Team Talk so you can constantly refresh your learning as well as introduce it to your teams.

For two days your trainers will open their treasure chest widely and share tips and tricks from several decades of experience in training, mentoring and coaching teams at all levels of organisations. The participants will therefore be enabled to hone their solution-focused team-coaching skills and pass on their new knowledge to teams and colleagues in their organisations.

Meet the 15 Members of the Solution-Focused Skills Team in this highly interactive workshop:

  1. Solution Focused questions
  2. The Best Hopes question
  3. The Preferred Future
  4. The Miracle question
  5. The Tomorrow question
  6. The Scales
  7. The Best Self
  8. Appreciative Observations
  9. The Experimental Task
  10. The Exception
  11. The Previous Solution
  12. The Break
  13. The List
  14. Constructive Listening
  15. Positive Assumptions

Plus: New Bonus Material, such as the newly-minted (but age-old) Difference Question and many fresh team games and collaborative exercises!

Your Workshop Leaders:

Susanne Burgstaller, founder of the Vienna-based USOLVIT (, is a leading Solution Focused organisational developer, team coach and trainer. She has had a transformative influence on some of the top leadership teams in the corporate and public sectors throughout Europe. She is a certified reteaming and ICAgile Coach and trained Solution Focused Practitioner and editor of Solution Focus in Organisations, one of the most important books in the field.

Chris Iveson, co-founder of the London-based BRIEF, is a coach, therapist and trainer with twenty years of public sector management experience before moving entirely to BRIEF in 1995. He is passionate about Solution Focused Practice and passionate about imparting the oh-so-simple skills to others. He and his two co-founders, Harvey Ratner and Evan George, have written many books and articles about the approach and done much to shape its development around the world.